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Manage stress to reduce mortality,
maintain the immune system and improve post-handling growth.


Manage stress during live transport operations to maximise transport success.
Finfish, Crustaceans and Molluscs


Derived from natural plant extracts,
AQUI-S is biodegradable and will not bioaccumulate.


Aquarium maintenance will cause severe stress to the housed animals,
but it doesn't have to.


Health checks for bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases
are critical for maintaining good fish health.


The welfare of unneeded animals, even though death is the desired outcome,
must be appropriately managed.


Conserve muscle energy reserves during harvest
to ensure maximum flesh quality post-harvest.


Manage stress to increase fecundity, improve gamete quality,
improve gamete viability and improve progeny survival.

Enhancing the quality and value of fish produced in the aquaculture and fishing industries with humane and cost-effective products and services that provide you with a high return on your investment.

AQUI-S® Versatile Aquatic Anaesthetic

AQUI-S® is a versatile aquatic anaesthetic that has been developed to give flexibility and control in animal husbandry, transportation and harvesting operations. The ingredients are approved for use in foods and AQUI-S® is safe for use in food fish. Fish that are harvested using AQUI-S® have improved flesh quality, greater yield and longer shelf lives. The use of AQUI-S® during the transportation of live fish and during health management practices lowers stress and reduces mortalities.



Consideration of animal welfare is a fundamental and growing requirement in aquaculture. There are many unavoidable activities which can cause extensive stress to aquatic animals, including disease treatment, transport, handling, broodstock stripping, grading and slaughter. AQUI-S® reduces stress during these operations, providing you with strong healthy animals that command a high price at market. Explore our WELFARE section to learn about welfare and how AQUI-S® can help reduce stress and improve quality in your operations.


TRANSPORT: Managing stress during live transport will increase survival and is as easy as adding AQUI-S® to the transport water.


HARVEST: Muscle quality is severely impacted by activity pre-slaughter. AQUI-S® anaesthesia conserves energy and maintains quality.


HEALTH: Stress is a known immunosuppressant and has devastating consequences on recovery, survival and growth.


BROODSTOCK:Stress in broodstock will impact on egg, milt and progeny quality. Manage stress with AQUI-S® for superior results.

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