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Treatment Protocols

Treatment Protocols

Using AQUI-S Improves Treatment Success

Cage Treatment Protocol

AQUI-S Sea Cage

A number of trials have been completed using AQUI-S® sedation during chemical treatments in cages. These trials have demonstrated marked increases in fish survival and growth, as well as reduced rates of reinfection post-treatment. Operators involved in these trials now use AQUI-S® sedation routinely during bath treatments. 


Results from the studies show clear reduction in stress hormone release. The studies also indicate that oxygen consumption is lower and that there is less activity during the treatments. Sedation can also reduce mortality and increase the safety margin during treatments. When chemicals are used, it is clearly demonstrated that the amount of chemical taken up by the fish is significantly reduced, thus decreasing the risk of overdose.
Based on practical experiences, we can provide the following recommendations for sedation when disease treating in a cage environment:

  1. Set the tarp as normal.
  2. Add AQUI-S® in the final stages of setting the tarp.
  3. Use 1 - 2 ppm active (equivalent to 2 - 4 ml AQUI-S® per m3 or 10 - 20 ml AQUI-S®20E per m3).
      • When using AQUI-S®, a 10:1 stock solution should be prepared.  There are no stock solution requirements for AQUI-S®20E product.
      • Mix the solution for at least 3-4 minutes so you get a suitable emulsion. A power drill with paint stirring attachment is effective.
  4. Once the AQUI-S® stock solution or AQUI-S®20E has been added, the operator should wait 10-15 minutes before comensing the treatment (H2O2, Salmosan etc).
  5. The fish will not loose equilibrium from the anaesthetic, they will continue to swim, however, noticeably slower and more spread throughout the water column.
  6. Add the treatment chemicals and treat as normal.