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Treatment Protocols

Treatment Protocols

Using AQUI-S Improves Treatment Success

Well Boat Treatment Protocol

AQUI-S Wellboat

Sedation with AQUI-S® can be used prior to and during delousing treatments with pyrethroids, organophosphates and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and amoebic gill disease (AGD) treatments with freshwater.

AQUI-S® sedation during treatments in well boats has been used in Norway since the summer of 2013. Experience is growing in the field, and AQUI-S® sedation is now widespread in the application. Fish show reduced activity, reduced oxygen demand and reduced drug uptake (greater drug safety margins). Cortisol in the plasma is also reduced and as such the immune system will be maintained, growth hormones unchanged and post-treatment mortality reduced.

Further studies in controlled systems in 2014 showed that AQUI-S® sedation also reduces unwanted uptake of the treatment drug and as such reduces the risk of associated drug over doses.


Based on practical experience, we can give the following recommendation for AQUI-S® sedation during well boat treatments:

  1. Load the well and let fish settle for 30-60 minutes before water intake closed and AQUI-S® added.
  2. Use 1 - 2 ppm active (equivalent to 2 - 4 ml AQUI-S® per m3 or 10 - 20 ml AQUI-S®20E per m3) depending on the desired level of sedation.
  3. Always make stock solution of AQUI-S® before addition.  A stock solution is not required for AQUI-S®20E.
    • The stock solution should be 1:10.
    • Ensure the stock solution is adequately mixed and a white emulsion is formed. If well boat has its own tank for mixing of drugs, this could be used.
  4. Add the AQUI-S® product using the onboard dosing system, or add manually throughout the wells.
  5. Wait 10-15 minutes after addition of AQUI-S® product before starting the treatment.  If using freshwater , add the AQUI-S® product before the fish.
  6. Perform the treatment as normal.
  7. Slightly increased foaming can be expected and can be dealt with using AQUI-S® Antifoam.