Euthanasing animals using AQUI-S® does NOT however demonstrate a lower safety margin or indicate a high level of risk when used for other applications (transport, health or harvest). At higher than recommended doses (overdose), AQUI-S® will progress aquatic animals through the stages of sedation to deep anaesthesia, and if left longer medullary collapse will eventuate.


Species Dose & Duration  


100 mg/L - 40 min
175 mg/L - 20 min


150 mg/L - 40 min
250 mg/L - 20 min


200 mg/L 40 min
300 mg/L 20 min



Euthanasia is an unpleasant but sometimes necessary aspect of animal healthcare, scientific research and aquaculture production. There has been strong criticism by scientists, vets and welfare groups that some methods of euthanasia widely used are slow and painful to the fish.

Euthanasia is used for two main purposes: to relieve the suffering of severely ill fish and to destroy unwanted fish after research projects or in aquaculture production.

Fish have a similar stress response and ability to perceive pain (nociception) to those of mammals. Their behavioral response to a variety of situations suggests a considerable ability of higher level neural processing. As such these animals need to be euthanised accordingly. AQUI-S® is one such tool that will suffice all animals ethics and welfare requirements.