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About Us

About Us

AQUI-S: Based in New Zealand, Exporting to the World

About Us

Since 1996, AQUI-S New Zealand Ltd. have been enhancing the quality and value of fish produced in the global aquaculture and fishing industries. Our humane and cost-effective products and services are providing companies with a high return on their investment. Our products are used globally to reduce stress during handling, transport, disease treatment and harvest of fish and crustaceans. AQUI-S® is the ideal holistic tool for maintaining good welfare and quality at all stages of aquaculture and fishing – from “fry to pan” and “catch to dispatch”.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Ensures Quality


Commitment to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for the production of AQUI-S® at our plant in Lower Hutt, New Zealand means only the highest quality products are released to the market. This standard provides specifications  that cover the following areas:

  • AQUI S Quality NCQuality management
  • Personnel
  • Premises, plant and equipment
  • Documentation
  • Production
  • Quality Control
  • Contract manufacture and analysis
  • Complaints and product recall
  • Internal audits

Qualified People with Aquaculture & Manufacturing Experience 

Our team are ready to provide technical support and tested solutions with their industry experience and appropriate university qualifications. 

Meet the team

Meet the Team

Quality Research

Research and Development is undertaken at AQUI-S New Zealand Ltd and in partnership with various companies, universities and government organisations around the world.