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Improve Welfare - Hatch to Harvest

Applications of AQUI-S® Versatile Aquatic Anaesthetic

AQUI-S® is a gentle-acting aquatic anaesthetic suitable for use in a wide range of aquatic animals – finfish, crustaceans, eels, molluscs and elasmobranchs. AQUI-S® has a wide safety margin and can be used to reduce stress across all gilled stages of the animal's lifecycle - from broodstock stripping to the terminal harvest.

Hatch to Harvest

AQUI-S® is a versatile aquatic anaesthetic that can be used in a dose-dependent manner from light sedation, suitable for disease treatments and transport, to full anaesthesia for health checks, vaccination and surgery.  AQUI-S® is also an internationally recognised tool for managing welfare during fish euthanasia.

You can learn all about how reduced stress improves welfare in the WELFARE section. Some of the benefits you can expect are healthier animals, increased disease resistance, reduced mortality, better quality gametes, superior quality live exports, and maintained flesh quality post-harvest.

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Read more about Welfare

The plant-derived active ingredient of AQUI-S® is biodegradable, will quickly disperse in water and will degrade naturally in sunlight. 

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